Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thoughts on Fish Tank

I have reason to believe my marine aquarium has a tentacle beast.  True story.  I went to the LFS the other day and bought some liverock, literally chunks of rock.  Its called liverock cause stuff live off it.  Two of the pieces I bought had coral on it (which were really the reason I bought them). I didn't see any of the other hitch-hikers until a few days later.  First I saw the feather duster, which I thought was cool cause they're like eight dollars, and now I got one for free.  Granted its smaller than the eight dollar ones, but it'll grow.  Then about two days after I bought the stuff my sister says there's bug-like things crawling on the liverock.  I checked it out, and then googled and found out they were copepods which aren't bad, they basically eat fish poop.  Last night my dad told me he saw whisker like things projecting from the liverock to the aquarium decor.  Cue the tentacle beast comment.  I still haven't figured out what the tentacle beast is yet.  No matter the angle I can't even see it.  Although the water is almost completely clear, its still too murky to see directly from the top.  

The tank was completely green when I got back from Spring Break.  I did a 100% water change, and within two days it was turning green again, so I put algicide in on Wednesday and bought more Liverock on Friday.  Today is Tuesday and the water is almost pristine.  So I did something right.  

I'm just worried about Blenny (the Lawnmower Blenny) though.  I haven't actually seen him eat since I put the new Liverock in.  He also seems a bit lethargic.  He doesn't move that much at all anymore.  I think (re: hope) he's eating stuff off the liverock.  I've been putting algae flakes in and even put some seaweed in the tank and he ignores it.  I did see him sitting on the liverock yesterday and just watched him for about ten minutes.  He kept turning his head to the liverock and even put his mouth on it, and flares his gills at it.  I'm assuming he inhaled something from it and is getting food.  Otherwise he looks fine, his color is normal, and he's not breathing heavily.  Lets hope he eats something...