Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fucking day shift...

Some drama at PetCo.  Fun times.  Come in today, and the morning shift manager isn't happy since I couldn't make that many labels the night before.  So I'm told to work on that tonight.  Justin says the dog section is done, that he finished it.  Which is bullshit.  He did one endcap, which probably had 6 different items on it.  And there was a power panel he had missed.  He's a fucking suck up anyways.  Fucking Mr. Fucking Perfect.   I have to admit, he is cool outside of work, but during work he's just an know-it-all suck up asshole.  I have mixed feeling about Brian being the manager, but I'm fucking glad that Brian got it versus Justin.

Brian fills me in on the rest of the bullshit thats going on.  The Associate manager says we have to have closing done 110%, whatever the fuck thats supposed to mean, and that we have to cut hours.  Christy is at the register, and I'm not counted in on a register.  Brian is the closing manager tonight.  I have to finish making the labels Justin didn't make, work out the overstock and do most of the closing duties, and make sure the store is faced 100%.  Not to mention helping customers. All in 4 and a half hours. Fucking impossible.  And then we have to clean up the mess the morning shift left out at the registers.  

I've worked morning shifts before.  I dunno what the fuck the morning shift was doing this morning, but they obviously weren't doing their job.  But than again Justin and Susan opened this morning.  Everytime I fucking work with them, I never see them doing anything.  I'm typically main register.  But since I dunno what the fuck Justin and Susan are doing, I feel like I'm the only one in the store.  And when I do see them, they're down some aisle supposedly facing, but they're just talking.  And then if I'm helping someone, and a customer rings the bell at the register, Justin won't go and check him out, he'll call me to the register.  And then if he actually does use the register, he'll call for backup as soon as a second customer is in his line.  He's fucking lazy.

So at the registers are two big boxes.  Ones for "return-to-vendors" or damaged items, and the other is for "go-backs" or items that need to be reshelved.  Each shift, morning and closing is supposed to put the go-backs back on the shelf.  I do it, its not that hard.  But apparently other morning shift people are too busy doing other things (ie not doing what they are supposed to) and decide night shift will do it because the gobacks HAVE to be put by the end of the night.  I've worked morning shifts.  They are slow as fucking hell.  There's hardly any customers until around noon, and than it dies after 1:30, by the time the shift change happens its completely slow, possibly no customers in the store.  There is no excuse for not putting those gobacks up.

So essentially we have to be done closing the store before the store itself is closed.  If that makes any fucking sense.  And we have to clean morning shifts mess.  And we'll get blamed for not doing everything that needs to be done, even though its impossible.  Not to mention that our hours are being cut.  Funny how the morning shifts never get their hours cut...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2 months later...

I felt I should update by blog.  But its really not late enough for me to do this.  I prefer to update really late at night cause I start to ramble and shit.  I come up with some crazy ideas and stuff, which I forget by the time I get up the next day.  

Its raining again today.  It always fucking rains.  Fucking Florida.  I usually like the rain, but right now its pissing me off.  Speaking of rain.  Apparently theres finally a tropical storm.  The first one this year.  About fucking time.  It nearly mid August, and hurricane season starts the beginning of June.  2 months and not a single hurricane.  Boring.  I mean I don't want anything severe like Katrina again, but damn.  

Finally saw the Harry Potter movie.  Meh.  It was alright.  I think now that I know how the series ends, it kind of lost its novelty or something.  I just didn't feel emotionally attached to the story like I did the previous ones.  Personally the first three movies are the best.  

I got all my speech class shit done.  I'm averaging a B in the class right now.  All I have left is the exam tomorrow.  This class was utter shit.  I suggest anyone taking a summer class to not take speech during the summer.  Its shorter than the normal fall/spring classes, so you basically have a few days to actually research and write the speech.  Its not worth the stress.