Monday, January 18, 2010

Vegas: Part Drei

Wow, a month later and I finally post the third part.  Which is fairly uneventful.  Basically cause I got sick that day.  I dunno, must have been all the weird food or something.  Anywho, if I can remember right, we went to the Orleans buffet for breakfast.  As previously stated the Orleans buffet is one of the best buffet's in my opinion.  The breakfast, not so much as dinner.  No machaca.  But if you like omelets (I don't), they apparently make the best ones outside a sit-in restaurant.  There's some other things for breakfast that are good, but honestly its been a month so I can't remember anything at the moment.  

After that we parked at the Flamingo and walked on the strip.  I can't remember whats on the way, but we walked from the Flamingo to the Bellagio.  In the Bellagio there is what is called the Conservatory.  Its basically a greenhouse with like animals made from plants and stuff.  Its usually themed and it changes every few months.  Since it was Christmas time, it was Christmas themed.  It was pretty and neat, but honestly, we went during Christmas time last year, and it seemed a little re-used.  There were a few differences, but the Christmas tree was most definitely that same. 

It was around this time that I got really sick.  Despite the freezing weather, I couldn't stop sweating.  I had been sweating uncontrollably all day that day, but when we got to Bellagio it was worse.  And I became nauseous and my legs were weak. So after the Conservatory we headed back for our room.  I slept for about threes hours.  After I awoke I felt a hundred times better. 

For dinner we went back to the Orleans.  Not for the buffet, but for Don Miguel's.  Don Miguel's is a Mexican restaurant.  The portions there are amazing.  You know how Mexican places give you chips and salsa?  Well Don Miguel's does that too, but instead of the defaulto salsa, they give you a selection of salsa.  Theres the regular stuff, the chipotle/mesquite stuff, and that green stuff that I dunno the name of, to name a few.  Anyways, unfortunately they were closed.  They closed on Monday for the holidays.  Fuck.  So than we were trying to figure out where to go.  Then we remembered there was a Mexican restaurant at the Palms.  So thats where we headed next.  Only the Palms' Mexican place was too expensive, but there was a cafe just a little bit down from that restaurant.  The cafe was moderately priced so we ate there.  The place was called 24 Seven or something.  Anywho I had a club sandwich which was pretty damned good if I say so myself.

I think next we went to the Wynn.  Gambling there is pretty nice, ironically since its one of the more nicer places.  After the Wynn we went to the Mirage and Treasure Island.  We really just wanted to see the volcano at the Mirage but it was down for maintenance.  We didn't gamble at either of these since we couldn't find machines we liked.  Well, at the Mirage, dad apparently found a machine to play on, but the rest of us just went to the fish tank at the lobby.  The aquarium is like 50 feet.  Its huge.  We always make it so that we come to the Mirage just to see it.  There are quite a few large fish in there as well, most noticeable the huge ass puffer.  He's unpuffed too.  He'd be gargantuan if he puffed up.  We haven't had the liberty to see him that way yet.

We took the tram over to the Treasure Island, of TI as its called now.  The Sirens at TI show was also closed for maintenance, but the show sucks anyway so that doesn't matter.  One of the things I remember from the past was a brass mermaid statue at the front entrance, with worn nipples.  I commented on it a few years prior about how you have to rub the nipples for good luck.  That statue is gone now.  Probably cause its nipples finally got too worn.  I was severely depressed about this.  There was nothing to play at this casino either.  Even worse than at the Mirage.  

I'm pretty sure thats all we did that night.  We might have gone to the Venetian or maybe we didn't.  I honestly can't remember.

Somewhere during the day we got a little pamphlet thingie from a dude outside one of the hotels.  Probably at the Flamingo.  Anywho the pamphlet was about a comedy magic show and coupled with a deal for the Flamingo buffet.  We decided that we wanted to see a show, we hadn't decided which at that point, so we decided we would see that one on Friday.

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