Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Epic Conclusion to the 5-part Story of My Vacation in Las Vegas

We got up late, since we decided we were going to go to the Rio's Carnival World Buffet, which is by far the best buffet in Vegas, I'll get to it later.  Anyways we skipped breakfast since we knew we were gonna eat well later.  The hotel didn't have free internet so we had to go to the library so we could do advance check-in on our luggage or something for the flight the next day.  The library was kind of nice, its like 3 floors and you could tell it was old.  I'd be surprised if it wasn't haunted.  They microfiche machines which I honestly have never seen before in any other library minus the one at the college campus.  There was also a book sale going on in the basement like area of the library so we checked that out.  It was interesting looking through all the ancient books but in the end there was nothing of any great interest.  They did have quite a few of the Jacques Cousteau documentaries on VHS, which I thought was kind of neat.

We stuck around at the library for quite sometime before heading to the Rio.  We figured we'd do some gambling there before eating.  When we got to the Rio we found out that there was a deal for the buffet.  For $30 per person you could eat there all day.  Like eat, leave, come back later and eat some more.  So we decided to do just that.  But first gambling.  My sister and I did not have the players club card thingy for Las Vegas, so we signed up for it and got $10 slot play, so we had free money to gamble.  Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to my machine and lost the money real fast cause I was betting more than I intended.  Ah well, such is the way...

After losing quite a bit of money, well, free money, we headed for the buffet.  The reason I consider this the best buffet in Las Vegas is the size of it.  It is by far the largest one that I'm aware of and it has an awesome assortment of ethnic foods, and best of all, the dessert section.  Unfortunately the desert selection changes with the seasons and the winter selection is no where near as good as the summer's, but its still all good.  Just like the other buffet's I've mentioned previously, this buffet has the Japanese, Mexican, etc sections.  But there are more too.  The Chinese section has soups which are another drawing point of the buffet.  The udon noodle soup is superb.  Definitely suggest getting that if you ever go.

After eating we went to gamble some more, but at Paris/Bally's.  AKA we wanted alcohol.  And we had the same service as the previous day.  We also walked a bit, back near our hotel, so Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, Luxor and probably New York New York and MGM.  I remember on one of the walkways at the Excalibur there was one of those ticket-seller guys trying to get our attention said something like, "Where you from" and I replied, "Somewhere" and then we kept cracking jokes about that for the rest of the night.

Eventually we ate at the Rio again, and then decided to walk the back part of the strip.  We went through the Caesar's Palace Forum Shoppes and I think the Palazzo and Venetian again.  The Palazzo has a bunch of really ritzy stores.  Stores I'll never be in, unless I get filthy rich suddenly.  At the Forum Shoppes there is an FAO Schwartz which is a big toy store.  The entrance is actually a Trojan Horse.  Its pretty cool  We actually spent quite a bit of time there.

If my memory serves me correctly the Aria is pretty much across the street from the Venetian.  Anyways, whatever that was our next destination.  Too bad it was busy as hell.  Like we basically walked in and walked right back out.  That night was the opening night of the Aria, which explains why it was so busy.  It seemed nice, from what we saw.  There was a fountain that looked to be a mini version of the Bellagio fountain, but it changes color.  And a waterfall that the news was making a big deal about, but honestly, it was not that impressive.  Hopefully next year it will be less busy and we can throw a few dollars away there.

We walked a bit more and then went back to theHotel to go to sleep, since we had to get up early for the flight back home.  Fortunately the flight back was very normal.  No problems or anything.  

But with those vouchers we got from the shit flight going we figured we'd go to Las Vegas again when the spring semester ends.

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