Friday, February 5, 2010

The Newspaper

WTF is with the newspaper?  I hate it so much.  Every piece "news" is so biased or just fucking retarded.

So on the front page there's this column written by some lady complaining about how much graphing calculators cost and that her daughter needs to get 10 hours of driving experience for her drivers ed class.  Then she goes on to say something along the lines of "I can't believe the school system requires so much from the students."  This is the way its always been.  This is what you get for free education.  Could be worse.  You could have to shell out like 10k a year for your kids to be hit over the head with rulers by Nuns.   At least the graphing calculators are cheaper now.  When I "needed" one it was like $130.  They're like $95 now.   Besides, all you need is a scientific calculator.  And Drivers Ed is such a scam to begin with.  You don't learn shit in the class, and 90% of the time in class all you do is watch videos or read chapter from some retarded book (What this sign?  Its a Stop Sign!  What do you do at Stop Signs?  YOU FUCKING STOP.  WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT!). You might, if you're lucky, get 5 minutes of driving time per class session.  How the fuck are you gonna learn to drive like that?

This whole article is just fucking retarded.  It wouldn't piss me off as much if it wasn't on THE FUCKING FRONT PAGE!  Maybe they should put more important stuff on the front page, like I dunno, maybe the Baptists that kidnapped 30 Haitian kids?  Hell, maybe even the Scientologists going to Haiti?  There's always the unsolved investigation of an official that was murdered 3 days ago.

I don't really read the newspaper, but more often than not, its sitting on the table and I read over the front page while eating lunch.  Its kind of like a game now: How Pissed Can the Newspaper Make Me? 

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