Friday, January 22, 2010

Vegas: Parto Quatro

Unfortunately memory does not serve me correctly.  I honestly don't remember much about what happened on the 4th day in the Fabulous City of Las Vegas.  Its all a memory gap until mid-afternoon.  I don't remember what we had for breakfast or what we did all morning.

In the last post I said something about a Comedy Magic Show.  We originally planned that for Friday, but found out it was dark on Friday (meaning no shows on Friday), so we decided to do it on Thursday instead.  The magician's name is Nathan Burton, and apparently he was on America's Got Talent or something.  I dunno.  Anyways he did pretty good on the show and now he performs in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel.

The show was good.  A lot of the trick I don't know how he did.  One of the tricks had one of the showgirls supposedly get scrunched into a tiny box, and when he angled it to the audience, to show it, he tried to cover the backside of the compartment, but he didn't do a good enough job and I could see the showgirl's back end sticking out behind the box where the audience shouldn't be able to be seen.  If I was just watching the show and not actively trying to find where he screws something up, I probably wouldn't have seen it though.  Nathan was pretty funny too, but halfway through the show he went for a break and another guy came out.  I can't remember his name but he was hilarious.  And the people in our group didn't get a lot of the jokes or something and he kept making fun of them, which made the show all the more funny.  

After the show we went to gamble at the Flamingo.

 Mentioning that I suddenly remember what we did during the morning section of the day.  In the morning we ate somewhere which still escapes me.  After breakfast, wherever that was, we went to Paris Hotel and gabled there and Bally's Hotel.  The gambling at both those hotel's was pretty good, but the memorable thing was the drinks.  Almost as soon as we sat down a cocktail waitress came and asked if we wanted drinks.  I had an Irish coffee, which was really good.  I never had one before, but I like whiskey so I liked it quite a bit.  After gambling at Paris, we went to Bally's.  Bally's and Paris are connected through a mini-mall thing, and the hotel's are owned by the same parent company.  Anywho.  At Bally's again as soon as we sat down we were asked if we wanted drinks.  Had a Jack Daniel's and Coke there, which was a hell of a lot better than the JD & Cokes I had at other hotels.  And we moved to another area to gamble and were again asked about drinks.  So if you want to get piss drunk, go to Bally's or Paris and move around in the casinos.

Anyways, where was I?  After the show we went to gamble at the Flamingo, but we couldn't find any machines we wanted to play, so we went outside and walked around at the pool area, which has a little bird area and a largish koi pond which had gargantuan koi in it.  Except it was very exciting since it was freezing and the koi kind of just floated there not moving.  And the birds were all trying to stay warm.

Anyways after about an hour or so we went back inside and ate at the Flamingo buffet.  Its a nice buffet, albeit very pricey.  And apparently very Asian.  I swear there were more Asians in this restaurant than white people.  There was a sushi bar and there was wasabi too.  I went up to the sushi bar and was the only white person up there in a sea of Asians.  And when I put a big glob of wasabi on my plate this old Asian woman looked at me funny, like I didn't know what I was doing.  I love wasabi, so I knew what I was getting into.  I'm not a big sushi eater, but its the only thing that goes well with wasabi so I put that on the sushi.  I put too much wasabi on one of them so my eyes started watering and my nose begins to run, and this girl at the table next to ours was giving me strange looks.  That was funny.  There was a nice selection of food at the buffet.  The pasta was nice, and there was a cheese section.  I love cheese, so that wins points in my book.  Desert was nothing special.  Not bad, but I wasn't impressed.  There are better deserts at other buffets.

After diner we walked more on the strip.  As you can guess from all the other posts, thats pretty much all there is to do in Vegas.  Gamble, eat and walk.  But its still somehow fun.  Just people watching is fun.  Not to mention the Mexicans handing out porn.  I shit you not.  Its not really porn so much as, as my friend put it, Stripper Trading Cards.  Things they hand out are no bigger than an index card and have a nude girl on them.  Its kind of like a business card, card, cause they have the number of the strip club or "escort" service that the Mexican works for.  And it the way the Mexicans hand them out.  They have a small stack of them, like 30-50 and they take one and slap it on the stack and try to hand them out.  It doesn't make much sense trying to explain it, but anyone who's ever been to Vegas knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Last post I said we might have gone to the Venetian but maybe not too.  Well, we didn't because I remember we went there this night.  We also went to the Palazzo, which is the Venetian equivalent of theHotel.  The Venetian has a mall which is set up to be like Venice, so theres a canal in the center and you walk along the canal.  You can actually get a ride on a gondola.  We always joke that if we wanted to ride one, the gondolier would be a chick, just to kill the mood.  And the gondoliers will start singing at the large open section of the canal.

Somehow we ended up on the side of the street which had the Aria.  Aria is a new hotel among other things.  It wasn't exactly open yet, in fact it was going to open the next day, but you still go inside the mall thing.  It had a few stores but none were open.  There was some modern art there.  It was pretty cool.  There were ice...sculptures, I guess, they were just columns of ice.  But the way they were melting slowly we called them ice phallus's, since they were sort of...bulbous at the top.  I'll have to get pictures up.

After the Aria we just went back to the hotel and called it a night.

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